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Erica EM Moodie


I am a Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine, FRQS chercheuse de merite, and Professor of Biostatistics at McGill University. 

My methodological work is focused on developing reliable, reproducible, and robust tools to improve health research, with a focus on adaptive treatment strategies. 

I support the North End Family Award for Indigenous Students.

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As a Biostatistician, my role is to develop broadly applicable theory and methods that facilitate reliable, reproducible, and robust health research. I have an extensive track record in quantitative methods for HIV research, and expanding collaborations in oncology and mental health.



This edited volume brings together cutting edge research in the young but rapidly expanding field of adaptive treatment strategies. The book consists of both of didactic and introductory-level chapters and more advanced material from authors both in statistics and computer sciences.

This textbook is the first didactic text on adaptive treatment strategies (ATS), i.e. the statistical approach to personalized medicine. This book covers study and trial designs that can be used to estimate ATS and provides theory, details of implementation, and examples of ATS in practice. It is the key reference in the field of ATS.

My primary objective as a mentor is to impart my enthusiasm for research to my trainees, while teaching necessary skills such as critical evaluation of the literature, statistical thinking, attention to detail, and outstanding communication. Topics studied by my trainees involve challenging methodological work that is driven by, and provides answers to, complex clinical questions. Learn more about my trainees.

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2001 McGill College Avenue, Suite 1200
Montréal, Québec H3A 1G1


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